PLEASE HELP ---URGENT--- I have no idea how to reset the data of excel on loop

how can I either delete everything on excel sheet or just delete and recreate the sheet?

Please note that this is at the end of a WHILE loop so it will repeat “x” number of times

Please help me I have been stuck with this problem for hours…

I have tried
delete range
select range+hotkey
write cell with empty entry

both on excel scope and workbook.
None of these methods work…

Please Help me

Hi @seongchan_cho

You can use StudioX activities to implement that easily like below.


To delete entire range, you can place the delete range outside the loop.
The hotkeys might not work with excel.
The delete range properties should be supplied with the exact range and you could also alter property ShiftOption.

To do this in a loop, you need make the range dynamic (use a variable that holds the row number/column name based on the counter) and then delete that particular row/column in the loop for ‘x’ number of times.

Please share the loop actions if you need more help.

You saved me. Thank you so much.

Hey to those of you who are struggling with the Uipath default activities, this studioX activity works like a charm.

You da real MVP man.

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