Pivot and write excel

I want pivot data and write data to templete excel.
input3.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Output I want to write in sheet(sheetName as Filename_Type)
by sum value (Column Cas,Ins,Che,Car) follow data as below. output3.xlsx (18.3 KB)

Guide me about it please.

It can be done by using VBA macro

Are you familiar with VBA ?

@sulungcayadi DON’T​ know​ about​ VBA.
Guide​ me​ please.

PlotDataExcelPivot.zip (76.6 KB)

I created this,

Input files:

  1. input3.xlsx (your raw data should come with “input” sheet
  2. output template.xlsx (your output template).

Result file as in Robot variable: resultfilename.

Hope it helps.

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@fairymemay - You can use StudioX feature with in studio, which has the pivot table feature. Have you tried it?

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