PiP, browser settings not correct


When I run an attended automation from the Assistent in Picture-in-Picture mode, the browser inside the PiP does not have my normal settings. Like, my chrome browser is set to never save or utilize the autofills, passwords, payments and such. But in the PiP window, I can see when I run a demo login flow, the browser asks if it should remember my username and password for the site that I’m logging into.

Now, I fixed that by taking control of the PiP and manually do all the settings for chrome inside the PiP.

Still, why does PiP not use my normal settings?

As far as I know we have to do this for the first time when the PiP Window starts up.

You can also look at BrowserUserDataFolder to see what value it is set to. If it is configured to set up a profile that is different from yours, then that profile will have its own settings

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Thanks, this is good to know :+1:

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