Pick files in a folder irrespective of uppercase or lowercase characters in its filename


I need to pick multiple files from a folder. some files will be in smallletters and some file names will be in capital letter. i need to select all files irrespective of it case.
For eg: filename:

The robot should pick all 3 files.

Try using directory.getfiles method in assign activity and give the path, this will get you all the files in the directory.
Let us know if this works

pavan H

@pavanh003 I have a file name in config table which is of smallcase. I need to select the file which has its name. so when it tries to match the exact name, it misses out due to small case or upper case. so i need to select the file in the folder based on that name.

Open the respective folder using getfiles . read all the files. Why you need to concern about the Upper or lower case ?
it solves your problem


Iterate over each Filename in Directory.GetFile result and apply ToLower on both members of the comparison

If Filename.ToLower = Challenge.ToLower