Pick Activity | A custom activity that reads input from the command line

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I am trying to build an example for Pick activity in UiPath studio same exactly as shown below.

But I did not understand how to create this as explained " One branch has a trigger called Read input , a custom activity that reads input from the command line."

Can someone please help me to understand how we can achieve the creation of that custom activity that we can read input from command line?

Much appreciated your kind help in advance.

You would just use the Use Application/Browser activity to attach to the CMD.exe window and then use normal activities like Get Text.

What is the your purpose of the Set Delay and Pick Branch? These have nothing to do with reading text from an application.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

I am just learning the scenario for Pick Activity. I came across to this link below when I wanted to know the example for Pick activity where I want to do exactly same as shown.

Pick Activity - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn

I am just confused the example shown does not relate to Pick Actvity or something different we can not replicate the same steps to acheive the purpose of Pick Activity.



For more about pick branch activity watch this video

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Their example has no purpose. It’s just to show what the Pick activity does, the Delay is so you notice it. It has nothing to do with reading anything from the command line.

Thank you @postwick . I thought it was related Pick activity.

Thank you for your clarification.


Thank you @Shiva_Nikhil

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