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Dear All

Am looking for guidance, on how to personalize the email body, for a range of sender address.

I have an excel sheet with a column for all the Email address, for which email needs to be sent.

In my project, i have for excel row loop, where i open Outlook account, and send email. The to field value is picked up from the Excel column.

In the body section - i would like to personalize the message, that would include something like this:


Please find the URL, that you had requested access for.

Signature to include company logo & RTF.

Can you please guide me on the above.

Thank you in advance.

Is there any variability in personal email body sent for every person

Hello Nived,

Yes, i define which URL to embed, based on their medical profession

thanks & regards

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Is the url is Available in excel file @AVipani

Dear Nived

Yes, the URL is pasted in Excel as part of Data scraping activity.

Hi @AVipani

You can do like this

Consider stored in URL coloumn of excel file

Under for each row,

Assign url to variable let’s say URL = row(“URL”).ToString

Use the mail activitiy and inside the body do like this

“Dear”+Environment.NewLine+“Please find the”+ URL+ “, that you had requested access for.”+ Environment.NewLine+“Signature to include company logo & RTF.”

THIS is the way u want to write mail if url varies for each person



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Thank you for the quick revert.

Can you please guide me on declaring a variable. Am a newbie and want to know where to do this.

Am using StudioX

thanks & regards

Sorry I am using studio


Hi @AVipani

Have a look to below workflow which will give you idea how can you Personalize Email Body :-
Challenge 11 _ Data Extraction Process Using (30.5 KB)

For Reference you can go through below Link created by @sharathraju489 :-

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Dear Pratik

Thank you for sharing, however i issue i have is that, am using StudioX and all solutions are for Studio

thanks & regards

The only thing i could manage to come close to was, i created a word template doc, and had the email body in it.

i used replace text activity and referenced the first name from Excel sheet column & the embedded URL from URL column.

Had them within the For each loop. Worked for the first record, however started throwing up RPC error. Need to troubleshoot that.

Quite a clumsy solution, for a very basic requirement :unamused:

I managed to get this working in StudioX

I did the following, as suggested by @NIVED_NAMBIAR

In the Send mail activity, on the body section, added the Environment.NewLine for the required fields from Excel. The required column name is within the body section of the mail.

Thank you.

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