Perform basic math with variables

I have collected some variables via screen scrape so they are in type IEnumerable, and I want to perform basic division on them. I am somewhat new to uipath, so could someone help with explain the best steps to do this?

May i know why iEnumerable type is used to save those values? any specific reason?

the screen scrape function created it in the type and if i attempt to change the type in the variable field it causes an error in the screen scrape.

So its a number?
Can you try something like this and see if it works.

Integer.Parse(Div1.ElementAt(0).ToString) → this will give the value in integer.
After this you can perform math functinos
eg: Integer.Parse(Div1.ElementAt(0).ToString) + 2
here, Div1 is the variable of type iEnumerable

what activity to perform this in? right now i have this as one side of an assign function and setting it equal to a new named variable. is that correct?

In that scenario I am getting a compile error invalid L expression

just try in write line first.
Provide screenshots if possible

ok i tried in write line still gives an error.

Ah. i see.
So you can just remove .ToString after ElementAt(0)

Seems the datatype is different.
May i know which page you are trying to scrap?

its a webpage