PDF table to Excel


I have a PDF which I need to transfer to Excel. Currently getting the information for the headers, but not the rest of the table.
For some reason I cannot upload the file here (new users aren’t allowed to upload).

I have checked all the different topics which are available here in the forum, but not getting them to work.

Using this method, but then only getting the headers. How do I loop through the arrays?

Extract pdf table data into an Excel

Thanks in advance!

Are you able to see values in Array.? at least can you upload your workflow so that we can guide you:)


For some reason I am unable to upload anything. Says new users aren’t able to upload.
I have done exactly as what you can see in the link I posted below, so nothing different at all. If you could have a look at that workflow, because mine looks exactly the same, just with different column headers.

Extract pdf table data into an Excel

Thanks in advance!

Just got a notification that I am able to upload something now, so here is the workflow that I have. Changed the PDF a bit as it contained confidential information, but this way it is possible to use the workflow at least.

Main.xaml (20.2 KB)

Hello Divyashreem,

Have you by any chance been able to have a look at my process? Would be very grateful for help.