Transfer pdf table to excel

How can I transfer PDF table into excel? I have tried but it will moves all data line by line to excel. But I want to be exactly how the PDF table was. Can someone help or does anybody have anything implemented already?

can you share your PDF ?

@crimaru sorry I can’t do that, it’s a little confidential. If you could provide some information without the PDF.It is an invoice and the data from the table I need to put it in the excel.

If the invoices are all in the same format and are not scanned documents, you can read the pdf, write a text file with the content of the pdf, identify a pattern in the txt file to figure out the columns and then just read lines and for each line you extract the data using the pattern.

Here is a quick example with some random PDF template for invoices I found on Google: (187.6 KB)

… it pretty much depends on your PDFs … :slight_smile:

Hi Catalin,

I love the quick workflow. Just a few tips I’ve picked up:
Instead of using comments to annotate each sequence, you can right click and add annotations to anything, and then there’s a handy pin icon to clip it to the top of the activity

For the DataTable, there’s an activity called Build DataTable that will let you specify each of the columns, your way of doing it is definitely more explicit though!

In the For-Each loop, you can actually specify what type of variable you’re working with in the properties panel, so in this case Object would be switched over to String and then you wouldn’t need to add a ToString after Line.

Thanks for contributing!

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Hi crimaru,
I used your file and changed the codes to run my pdf ( horizontal table).
It’s giving error : Index out of bound. Can you please take a look.

wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)
Main.xaml (21.4 KB)