PDF stamping

Hi All, I want to stamp the pdf at the top central location. I tried using “UiPathTeam.PDF.Extensions.Activities” Watermark PDF activity. The issue with this activity is that you can not stamp at the desired location. It always stamps at the center of the document. Can someone help me meeting the above requirement?

Hi @sandyk
i did not find any activities for this directly.

What you can try is :

use the below c# code specified in the stack overflow solution to stamp the image in pdf at particular position


Nived N
Happy Automation

I tried using invoke code activity and PDF Shap library. I can print on the top center of the pdf. But for a few documents stamping is happening in the background of the pdf (because of which it is not visible). How can I make sure that stamping is always happening on top of text? Please find the below code I used to stamp a pdf.
Stamping.vb (2.0 KB)

Also how can I add extra space on top of pdf document?