Pdf radio button data extraction

Dear Forum members,

I have 100s of pdf with same format in one folder. In every pdf there are same questions with the radio button answer. Yes or No.
Every time only one will be selected, Now my issue is i have to extract Yes or No based on selected button.


If Yes selected then i want yes otherwise no.

which activity should i use to extract this information. Pdf contains 4 to 5 pages. and These questions are in every page.

Thankx in advance

Hi @Yankit_singh

If your pdf is not scanned, you can try Read PDF Text. Otherwise, scanned pdf need to use Read PDF with OCR

@GreenTea Thank for response

I have tried both methods it’s only reading Yes and No but nor selected button.

Now how i will find which one is selected.

Hi @Yankit_singh

Hmm… You need a different approach.

Open one of your PDF and launch UiExplorer, examine the selector values for the first question

  1. selected radio button
  2. non-selected radio button

if any?

Repeat for second and third questions. Do you see a pattern? Share images of the selectors if possible… for closer examination.

If the number of questions in each pdf are consistently the same, your have a known structure to work on.

@GreenTea Thanks

But is there any possibility to perform this without selectors.

Hi @Yankit_singh

The document understanding framework will be another approach. Search the forum for document understanding… or checkout video