PDF extract with condition to limit the extract to specific part of text


I have multiple pdf document of 18+ pages with questions and multiple choice answers.
The end goal is to do a copy paste to a google form so that I can have it structured as a quiz. Doing this manually is time consuming and I was looking at how to use UiPath to do so.

Question I am having trouble solving however is how to best use the pdf extract to find each question and extarct only that part to the target. I also need to create a loop so that after each question has been copied + pasted to Google form it goes on to the next question. I am having issues in how to limit the extract to just find exactly what I am looking for.

The pdf itself is all native text and each question start with the numbering - example 12)
Followed by the question before the options A) B) C) D)


  1. This is questions 1

A. Option 1
B. Option 2
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

I need two sets of copy+paste action

  1. for the question
  2. for the alternatives

Then loop and continue to next question

Any tips would be great!


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