Pdf extract to excel with different loop

Hi guys,

I have a PDF extraction project .i need some ideas for this project.Can some help with this one

Please check the attached pic highlight thing. I have PDFS with 00001 until x… sometimes I have 00001,0002,0003, etc

For me, the issue is I really don’t know how to create a flow that has to identify the numbers and put in the excel file

Check the picture for example data I need to get from PDF to excel


you can achieve using regex pattern

Based on your requirement you need add Regex like this 000\d\d|000\d

Hi ,

I tried the Regex and when i tried to do the process .I am not getting the result

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(test,"([0-9]{5}\s)([A-za-z0-9]{9}\s)([A-z]{4}\s[A-z]{3}\s[A-z]{4,6}).\n\n([0-9]{13})\s[0-9]{13}.\n([A-z]{2}[#][A-za-z0-9.]{4,6}\s).\s[0-9.]{10}\s[0-9]{10}\s.\s[0-9]{4}.\n([0-9]{10}\s).\s[0-9]{5}.\n…([0-9 ]{2,3})\s[A-z]{2}\s[A-z0-9]{2}…([0-9., ]{9,11})").Groups(1).Value

Please check the result and i am getting in the attached pic.I am getting empty filed

I create the flow and its not stop the flow when i use for loop.

is it not easier to use Matches activity than to use the assign to apply Regex?

No i didnt tried MATCHES activity for this one and i never tried it.

Do you think it will work once I matches activity?

please share the raw text(PDF Content) and what all are things you need to extract in the raw text?

for me it feels simple, i am not that good with Regular Expressions but i find it simple to build expressions inside of the Matches Activity, because you can paste the text you want to extract values from, while building your expression it highlights what its getting


I tried doing the matches

But still i am getting the balance value in the message box