PDF - Check for Security Method

Hi All,
As new to Ui path , i have faced an issue with PDF files. I have a PDF where it has “Security Method” as shown in the image. Im able to extract the text from the PDF file but How can i identify where it has a security method or not? Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @ppratz

Due to security method in some PDF so some popup is coming when bot tried to read the PDF file

If so

Then use element exist activitiy for pop up and do accordingly

Hope it helps

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For every PDF we cannot open the properties and check for it . How can we eliminate this?

Hi @ppratz

Check this link : Identifying UI Elements in PDF With Accessibility Options

Hope it helps

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Did you happen to find any fix to this issue? @ppratz

I ran into this same problem and I have not found a fix. Thank you!