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Hello everyone. This error notification always prompt when I use UiPath Studio Pro 2020 Community Edition. It suddenly pop up when I run some of my bots and even when I’m creating a new one. The excel file that it pertains to has been deleted a long time ago. It can not be found anymore in my folders and I did not even used that on my bots/Uipath development. Sometimes when it suddenly pops up, it will also closed the Uipath bots that I’m currently running.

I already reinstalled my UiPath Studio, deleted my log files and temp folder. Please advised. Thank you.


This is the message on the Studio.Log

08:39:46.1564 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] UpdateBadgesAsync: LibGit2Sharp.LibGit2SharpException: invalid path ‘\?\C:\Users\warren.fajardo\Desktop\Warren\Projects\Availments Automation\New folder\outputs given to sir raffy AVAILMENTS (NOV -DEC)\November and December 2019 Availments - RAW FILES\December\CHEF ROJET AND CHEF CORREIA\ARC guests 2019 Chef Rojet and Chef Correia.xlsx’ (path too long)


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Check below post

Hope this may helps you


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Thanks ksrinu070184. I will try to do that. But I’m wondering why does UiPath recognizes that file that I did not even used it in developing my UiPath bots?


I have the same error in my case. I am not even using this path in my process.
How we can fix this error?

Thank you for helping.Capture

Same goes for me. I am not also using that path or files on my UiPath development but that error suddenly pop up. My problem was solved by removing that file. You can also relocate that file in not too much deeper subfolder. Try to transfer that folder or file in the desktop and see if it works. That works for me.

Am also facing the same issue. I removed the file and tried again still having the same issue.
invalid path ‘\?\C:\Users\Naresh\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\nenlahapcbofgnanklpelkaejcehkggg\0.1.470.558_0\notifications\pages\Cashback\components\CashBackResolve\components\RewardsActivation\components\CashbackSectionSimple\CashbackSectionSimple.js’

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