Pasting Images from a specific subfolder

Hi ,

I am saving captured images in a specific folder rather than project folder. However while testing automation , the bot is attaching the image rather than pasting at mentioned location in the body of email . I also provided folder path in attach files

Is this a limitation with UiPath ? Or Is there any alternate solution for this ?? Thank You

Do you mean you’re trying to have the image appear in the body of the email?

That’s tricky. Search the forum, there are lots of posts on different ways to do it.

@postwick Yes , I am trying to have image appear in the body of email . Thanks

Search the forums. Tons of posts on different ways to do this.


Two ways

  1. Use the modern create html content activity which will let you insert the images directly
  2. Use the below code that alsow ould work…

Make sure to attach as well


Hi @Anil_G ,

I already have the html code to paste image , but my question is I am not able to paste the image when I save the images in another subfolder which was created in project folder .

Hi @ram977 ,
You can format email with html form
in location need add image you can call by link file

Hi @ram977

When you are attaching the image files in the attach files in send mail messages activity. It will send the attachments of Images at the top of the mail not in the specific location.

For this you have to use Create HTML content activity and give the body of the mail here and attach the image attachments in the proper location, then the images will appear where you want. The output of Create HTML content Let’s call it as BodyHTML.

Provide this BodyHTML variable in the body field in send mail messages activity. In the properties of this activity check the IsBodyHtml option then it will consider it as Html and convert it to proper text.

Hope it helps!!

Continuation to above reply @ram977

You can directly write the html code to attach the image at specific location. Check the below video it will help you out.

Hope it helps!!


Is the location in src given correct?

And are you attaching the image?

Can you show what you are doing


Hi @mkankatala I already referred to this video . I am able to paste images at specific location in the body of email with HTML code when the images are saved in project folder. However my concern is when the same image is saved in another subfolder this does not work , also in this video the same was mentioned that it is a limitation in UiPath Mail activity 14.30 - 15.30 . Thank You

Example - The activity works fine when images are saved in Project Folder

The issue is when I move the image to another subfolder the activity does not work, In this case I moved the screenshot to Images folder

Hi @Anil_G ,

I attached the images in this thread below , can you take a look . Yes I am giving the correct location in src , also I am attaching the images . The issue is when the Image location is changed to a new folder . Thanks

Error happens when I change Image location to Project/Subfolder/Image.png
Works Fine when Image location is Project/Image.png


Is the src also changed as per the updated location?


Hi @Anil_G yes , I update the src location and it is still the same . Thank You


Just to make sure…can you show the screenshot of your artachments and the src code please