Passing an xml data as a parameter value in rest api

Hello everyone ,

I have a problem with passing xml data as a parameter in rest api. I have tried in soap ui and it worked but i have tried it in http request and it gives us 404 status code. I have an xml file. I need to pass this file data as a parameter for web api. So i have read it via read text file activity. Then i have passed the output to the parameter value. It didnt work. I have also tried it manually and again didnt work.

We use post method by the way. The main url gives us 200 status code but with parameters it gives us 404 status.

currently you are passing the string “xmldata”
remove “” and pass it as variable

It is just example. Originally I am passing the output of the read text file, which is actually getting an xml file as an input, here as a variable.

still a variable is not surrounded by " but we do see it in the screenshot. So what is done in the real / used implementation