Pass Value to Invoke VBA

How to Pass Value to Invoke VBA

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we can pass it here in the property panel

while inside the vba code
we can mention the variable with &variablename in the position where we want to use that variable

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Hi @Sweety_Girl
We have To declare the variables in VBA If we want to use it in whole VBA. Capture
Like This . Then We can Pass the parameters to those Variables In Entry Method Parameters Of Invoke Vba Activity.



How to do that?

no worries
kindly check once whether the number of parameters passed and the number of parameters used inside the code both matches with each other
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

Are you able to post a screenshot or the text of your VBA and the screenshot of your EntryMethodParameters section from the property panel in Studio? (similar to Palaniyappan’s screenshot above").

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