Pass json data with double quotes

Hi ,

i want to post data with body quoted in “” instead of ’ using http activity .Also i wanted to append array of key value to pairs and post data again.How can i do that

json data:

expected outcome after adding data:
“key”: “DOB”,
“value”: “18”

Would you like to replace the single quotes with double quotes
If so read Json file with READ TEXT FILE activity and get the output with a variable of type string named strinput
Now use a assign activity
strinput = strinput.ToString.Replace(“‘“.”””)

Kindly correctly if I m wrong with your requirement
Cheers @ranjani

no ,the problem is ,we were able to put json data in http activity body only in single quotes.But sending data gets failed.But i need to send the data in double quotes as received from source

If possible can I see that error

the error is 409 response on querying.sorry that contains client sensitive data.But how can i pass the actual json data in body property of http activity