Particular Text extraction from a full text

Hi all
I wanted to extract the highlighted text . The row position is not a constant and will keep varying.
can anyone help.

Hey, use a get text activity and indicate the whole message. In the selector make the changes i.e. add the wild card(*)
Then use an assign activity to store it using
variablename.toString.Substring("Report was uploaded - confirmation id is ".Length).Trim
This will give you the ID properly.


not working … get text gives me the below text :frowning: . the confirmation id isn’t visible

Please change the scraping method :slight_smile:
Use the native one, it will work for sure :slight_smile:
Full text also gets the hidden text, this is why you are getting extracted data like this!
You can also try using Get Text activity, that will work too. I have used get text and it’s working fine for me :smiley:

Hi Niket, i am missing what you are elling me …

do you want me to pick get Text from the activity panel … If so where will i find the native option ?
From the Screen scraping option that I have highlighted above , only the Full Text option gives data. And that data is in the row wize structure I have sent in the very first screen shot.

Please can you tell me what I am missing

You could use any of the two methods. Both of them works. When using Screen Scraping option you just need to indicate the text inside the dialogue box only, then try out the various scraping method and see which gives you the best result(make sure you press the refresh button after changing the scraping method)

As far as get text from the activities pane is concerned, just indicate the text in the dialogue box, you will get the text in the variable
Now use this variable as:

hi i used sceen scrapping . but what was happening is when i scrape the confirmation id , a new attach window is getting created. As a stand alone in a new xaml it is picking up the confirmation id.
but when combined with other activities above it,cause as per assignment we need to click on Report Id name , year field and then upload the yearly , ten only scrape the confirmation id, the id wasn’t picking up. But there was all other data that was scrapped,just the confirmation id not present . so I did only that part in a different xaml as a work around .

I was able to complete the assignment . Tanks for the help

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