Pairing of pdf files and creating draft email with each pair attached

Newbie here needs help on this:

There are 6 pdf files (can be up to 200) in this folder - C:\1

Their files names are:
ABC_123A.pdf, DFE_578B.pdf, SDF_246Z.pdf, GFD_578B.pdf, XYZ_123A.pdf, COP_246Z.pdf

I need to create a bot to do this:
Create 3 draft emails, each email with 2 of the above-mentioned pdf files attached.
The pdf files to attach must have filenames ending with the same last 4 characters.
For example, one email will have DFE_578B.pdf and GFD_578B.pdf and similarly for the other 2 emails.

Thank you in anticipation

Hi @ayeo22

use directory.getfiles(mainfolder) this will give array of all files

Now extract the end values using system.text.regularexpressions.regex.match(string.join(“,”,arrayoffiles),”_*.pdf”)

This will give all the matches. Get the unique matches from this and use a loop and inside loop use direct.getfiles(mainfolder,”item”) will give you all files with same ending

Use the email in the same loop to attach and send


as I am a newbie,
I have completed the directory.getfiles(“c:\1”) by assigning to a variable: Filenames (Array of String)

for the 2nd part of extract end values, how to do? what activity do I use?:

arrayoffiles - I replace with my Filenames variable?
string - I replace with what?

Note: the last 4 characters of the pdf files is not fixed but there will always be a pair of pdf files with the same last 4 characters

Hi @ayeo22

You are on right path… give this in another assign with variable of type match collection(resultMatch) =
String you needed not replace in the above…only replace arrayoffiles as you said

Initialize a string variable (str1)with string.empty

Now use a loop with type argument as match And give the in argument as resultMatch

This will loop through all the results.
Have a if condition like str1.contains(item.value)

In true write nothing in false do getfiles with match.value as pattern and do your emails and alao use assign to add the string to str1
Str1 = str1 + match.value


Thanks for the encouragement, Anil
Can only have time to try out the other parts in the evening.

Thanks again

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Anytime…happy to hep and guide…try it and reachout if you have issues… happy automation


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