Output Argument Null

I am using Uipath Orchestrator API to run a Process.

POST- UiPath

Authentication- AccessToken


“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “8c541f10-462c-4a3b-9e6d-ffbd34ab007d”,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,
“RobotIds”: [2597],
“JobsCount”: 0,
“Source”: “Manual”,
“InputArguments”: “{}”


Status Code: 201

“InputArguments”: null,
“OutputArguments”: null,

The process which have created in Studio has a output argument

Still why the output argument is null.

How can i get the output argument value


If that’s an unattended automation it’ll never finish, it’ll sit waiting for someone to click the OK button in the message box…and nobody can because it’s unattended.

So what is the solution for the problem.
Can I print it in writeline. can that help?


Hi @db64a40e754add3bd2df0ad39
Use in/Out as an argument type to receive data from the previous flow.

And message box can automatically close by using the properties of AutomaticallyCloseAfter. It will close the message box after a specific duration.
Otherwise uses write a line or Log message activity.

HI @db64a40e754add3bd2df0ad39

Check out this thread


Use Log Message

Using Log message works. I am able to see the message in the logs.

Now the problem is there are lot of logs for other processes also. I just want to filter the log of a particular process so that I can extract the message.

I know there is a api
which gives me the top 10 logs
but problem is my required log is the lat one. How can I get it. Any way to get it?


Go to the Job itself, click the 3 dots, and View Logs. Then you’ll only see the logs for that job.

Why are you doing this via API? Just use Orchestrator.

I have a requirement when i have to use the api because i am connecting to orchestrator from a third party tool.

I got the solution but i dont know how robust it is

I used
URl/odata/RobotLogs?$skip=“how much u want to skip”

and it worked

Thanks a lot for the help @postwick

You need to provide the Job Key for the Job you want the logs for:

Can we provide job key in the URL for getting Robot logs or is there a seperate API for that.

Those are all parameters you supply in the URL. Are you using Swagger? It shows you how to do all this.


I am using Postman to test the api
I used the below api
UiPath? filter=JobKey eq ecc5dcb0-2887-464d-9de7-6e27f0a27cd6

but it is returning me all the logs and not the specific log for the particular job.

Am i missing anything?


UiPath?$filter=JobKey eq ecc5dcb0-2887-464d-9de7-6e27f0a27cd6

Got it. It works. thanks a lot for the support @postwick

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