Hi guys,
I am only a few weeks into RPA and I need your help.
I need to use the “Get outlook mail messages” activity but I don’t seem to find it.
I am only getting “Get outlook mail message with UID”.
I have tried installing all the outlook packages on Outlook.Mail.Activities but the “Get outlook mail message” doesn’t seem to be anywhere.
Any idea of what I could be doing wrong or where to find the package and install it?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I think this activity is installed by default in UIPath StudioX
This can be found in the next activity tool groups:

App Integration
Get Outlook Mail Messages

Hope it helps, Adrian

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Hi @Juliet_Njura ,

That is Predefined activity. if its not show then try to open attached workflow and check activity

Record_Tracker.xaml (9.4 KB)


I don’t use StudioX but it is, in fact, in the Outlook.Mail.Activities package which isn’t specific to StudioX. Maybe there’s something you have to do in your Activities pane filter so it’ll show non-StudioX activities.

There is no such thing. All activities are inside packages and the package(s) must be added to your project to use the activities. Per the documentation link you posted, Get Outlook Mail Messages is in the UiPath.Mail.Outlook.Activities package:


The link helped me find out what the problem was. I upgraded and it worked.
Thanks a lot​:+1::+1::+1: