Outlook Folders

I need to create a folder in outlook . can anyone help me to findout

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Hi @Pargovan_Bose

Inside the Outlook application scope, add the “Create Folder” activity.In the properties of the “Create Folder” activity, specify the following:

  • Parent Folder: Select the parent folder where you want to create the new folder. For example, you can choose the “Inbox” folder.
  • Folder Name: Provide the name of the new folder you want to create.


Outlook Application Scope activity is not available

Hi @Pargovan_Bose

You have to install the UiPath.Mail.activities package in manage packages to use the outlook scope and mail activities. Make sure to use the modern activities in UiPath.

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I have already the assembly reference still i couldn’t get the solution .

I have this dependency also