Order in a Web automate

Hello, how can I automate an online order list on a webpage to read all the orders and then click on the first one in the list with today’s date using UiPath?

Hi @julia_Muller ,

As we assume the order list is in the form of a Table, so a First Try would be to use Data Scraping/Table Extraction methods.

Could you let us know if you have tried it, if not, Do check and let us know your findings.

I do not have any of this activities
the Order are on a customer website, and everyday are others orders.
I have automated the login now. Next, I need to read the list of orders once and then open the first order with today’s date and download the order documents in a folder.

@julia_Muller ,

We have this in the Design Ribbon :

The above is of the updated version. But the Scraping options would be in the same positions in previous versions as well.

Or would it be that you are using StudioX ?

thats what looks like by me

Hello Could you please help me because I have at monday a project presentation and I do not know how to do it
I extract the table, now the roboter have to choose the order of todays date.
Could you please help me?

@julia_Muller Hope all is well. Have you tried this option?


Please let me know, thanks.