Orchestrator Scheduling for 2 process alternately

Dear All,
My requirement is to schedule 2 process one after other at the same bot machine, if i try to schedule hourly or for 30 mins, it doesn’t work, it starts both at the same time keeping one in queue.

another requirement is if i need to schedule a process at every 45 mins, Orchestrator doesn’t allow me to schedule.

Please let me know the resolution for such issues.

Thanking you.

Hi @mayurika

If one of them in kept in queue it will start after the other one finishes(if you don’t have the Stop after option checked). Do you know the execution time for each process?

To schedule every 45 minutes you can use the Advanced trigger option with the following cron expression 0 0/45 * 1/1 * ? *
For other cron expressions you can use this link: http://www.cronmaker.com/