Orchestrator Manager: Restricted Characters in Folder Names

Running into an issue where we are unable to create an asset within a folder. Error message is noted below. Ultimately, it was determined that the folder name contained characters that required encoding within the http endpoint. Requesting that solution is updated to encode url segments prior to generating endpoint URL to allow support for restricted characters contained with parenthesis here ( { , } , | , \ , ^ , ~ , [ , ] , ` ).

“message”: “There was an execution error: Failed to process entity. \nRequest status: 400 / Response: {“message”:“Invalid OData query options.”,“errorCode”:1000,“resourceIds”:null}. at Invoke AssetManager Workflow: Invoke GetOUFolderData Workflow (Create Asset): Invoke GetFoldersData Workflow: Invoke MakeGetRequest Workflow (Get Folders): Invoke MakeHTTPRequest Workflow: Throw (Process Entity Failure).”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “07:41:00”,
“processVersion”: “2.1.5”,
“jobId”: “a6a4c3fd-9f59-4ed9-ae80-4f16aee88457”,
“robotName”: “”,
“machineId”: 18,
“organizationUnitId”: 1,
“fileName”: “PerformOperationOnEntity”

Please advise if additional information is needed.

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
This issue is going to be resolved by the v2.1.7 release of Orchestrator Manager.

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