Orchestrator Loading Issue (Loading Screen Stucking)


Orchestrator stucking on loading screen and not progressing. i have already tried restart the orchestrator server, incognito window, clear the caches and restart the pc. Issue was not fix it. Could you help me?

Best Regards

Hey @gorkemkocabey

I’m assuming this is cloud orchestrator.

Also did you monitor the URL whether it is stuck at the login and authentication token part ?

Kindly confirm.


Hi , thanks for your answer.

thats not a cloud orch, classic server. monitored it doesn’t encounter any errors at the login or get authentication token.

Best Regards

Okay sorry actually not sure.

You can please raise it with the Technical support if you have an enterprise license.

i solved the issue with support team. problem was chrome version. if you use old version of chrome it will happen to you.

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