Orchestrator GetCredentials, SecureString, GetImapMailMessages


I’m trying to use GetCredential activity to get my uid/pwd from Orchestrator so that I can retrieve my gmails with the GetImapMailMessages. T

The GetCredential’s Output.Password property is of type SecureString.

But the Logon.Password property of GetImapMailMessage activity is of type String.

What is best practice here? Store the uid/pwd as a normal Asset in Orchestrator of type String?

Something else?

You can store it as a secure string as well as password in assets.
But in your workflow you can convert secure string into plain string using the following expression.

String plainString = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secureString).Password

Karthik Byggari

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@bmildh - Use the “GetCredential” activity, and create a variable of type SecureString and use that to securely store the password, then, use the Activity called “TypeSecure” which consumes a SecureString and securely outputs text.


Thank you!
Creating a new instance of NetworkCredential worked to convert the SecureString to String.

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Thank you @bmildh :slight_smile: :beers:


Yes, I know, that would have worked if only there was an actual textbox to type into. In this case, I’m using the Get Imap Messages activity and It’s property Logon.Password, that happens to be of type String.

Ah! Sorry, @bmildh. I missed the GetImapMailMessages and was thinking of the GMail web login. My Bad.

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