Orchestrator error - AssetFailedToLoad Exception


My processes worked without any problems in the unattended version. Suddenly I started getting the following errors related to assets (I didn’t change anything):

message: System exception at initialization: Loading asset Interface_booking_folder_path failed: Invalid request! at Source: Throw AssetFailedToLoad Exception

How can i solve this problem?

Hi @Krystian_F

When does this error happen? Would it be possible for you to provide the full error stack?


The issue happens all time or just sometimes?

Looks like the connection to orchestrator is getting disconnected. If it is the case, try using retry scope around Get Asset Activity.

Just cross check the below points once

→ Ensure that the asset “Interface_booking_folder_path” exists in your Orchestrator.

→ Verify the name of the asset is correct, including capitalization and any spaces.

→ Confirm that the asset type is correct. It should be a Text asset if you are trying to load a text value. If the asset type is incorrect, it can lead to a failure during initialization.

→ Verify the scope of the asset. If it is a process-specific asset, ensure that it is available to the process being executed.

→ Ensure that the user or robot executing the process has the necessary permissions to access and use the asset.

→ Confirm that your robot is connected to Orchestrator, and there are no issues with the Orchestrator connection.


Thanks for your feedback. This error appeared 3 days ago and since then no unattended processes are running. I am sure that the name, type etc are correct and that the robot is connected to the orchestrator.

Does it also happen with a small sample new project?