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I’d like to ask a question: In a UiPath platform with the Cloud Orchestrator that has credential type assets, could an admin user obtain the information about those assets through API or orchestrator database access?

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Anyone with access to this credential through UiPath Studio or API can decrypt the credentials and see.

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In a UiPath platform with the Cloud Orchestrator, including credential type assets, the information about those assets can be accessed programmatically through the UiPath Orchestrator API. However, access to the API and the ability to retrieve sensitive information such as credentials may be restricted based on user roles and permissions.

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UiPath follows best practices to ensure the security of credentials and other sensitive information stored in the Orchestrator. As a result, admin users or any other users do not have direct access to view the plaintext values of credential assets through the API or database.

However, the Orchestrator API does provide endpoints for managing assets, including credential assets. While these endpoints allow for managing the assets, they do not expose the sensitive data directly.

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