Orchestrator API - Upload library

I want to upload a library .nupkg to orchestrator via an API call, but I’m having issues with the correct syntax.
This is where I got so far (via the standard HTTP request activity):

Endpoint: %OurServer%/odata/Processes/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.UploadPackage
Method: POST
Headers: Content-Type + Authorization (=> no issues here)

I assume I need to add the nupkg path in attachments, but it doesn’t want to work. I always have the error message: “The package file is required. Errorcode 1677”

Can someone point me in the good direction?



I’m also facing the same error. Have you got any solution for this error ?


hi all,
I am also facing the same issue while uploading a library to the orchestrator.
Could anyone please help me out here.

Vivek m

Hi everyone - facing the same problem here. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach a nupkg file and upload it via API. I got it working via the swagger documentation, but when I try to do the same in node I keep getting the 1677 error.