Orchestrator API Swagger sending error

I’m currently exploring Orchestrator api and I am receiving tthis error in the swagger: {“schemaValidationMessages”:[{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Can’t read from file https://[Confidential]:443/swagger/docs/V2”}]}

I’ve also trying to access the resources such as assets and queue items via Postman I’m authenticating it via basic auth and thru bearer token and I’m receiving this response

“error”: {
“code”: “”,
“message”: “No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI ‘https://[Confidential]/odata/Alerts?$top=10’.”

Hi @j_carlo_c

Just to clarify, are you using your own installation of Orchestrator or our Cloud Platform instance of it?

If it is the latter, then see here:

Hi it is the own installation of the company also it is the 2018.4

Hi @j_carlo_c

In that case, could you also try to contact our technical support?

It would help to track the issue better :slight_smile: