Orchestrator API issues with Processes / Releases

So I’ve combed the forums for issues I’m dealing with the latest and greatest Orchestrator API. I am using below post as a guideline…

… but it does not match exactly to what I need to do. I am following latest guidelines in documentation and at this time I am using Postman which I have registered as an External application with uipath cloud community edition. I realize Webhooks will not work, but right now I need to get basics out of the way.

I used below URL to get my access token
POST https://cloud.uipath.com/identity_/connect/token
with x-www-form-urlencoded body
grant_type = client_credentials
client_id = {from ui path}
client_secret = {generated from ui path}
scope = OR.Machines OR.Robots OR.Jobs OR.Folders
and header
X-UIPATH-TenantName = DefaultTenant

With my access token I can get the folders with below URL
GET https://cloud.uipath.com/MyCompany/DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/Folders

After this I am in documentation hell. I need to get my process key and /Processes seems to be the old way of doing things. and /Releases seems to be the new way. I’ve tried the following URL

GET https://cloud.uipath.com/MyCompany/DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/odata/Releases
with Parameter
filter = Name eq ‘MyProcess’
and Headers
X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId = {integer folder id received earlier }
X-UIPATH-TenantName = DefaultTenant

Just like specified in this documentation

I receive “You are not authorized”. IF I’m missing some permissions I cannot tell where. Documentation suggests I need “Process” permissions. However there is no OR.Processes scope I can specify. I even tried OR.Administration scope with my External Application setting for Postman, thinking it will give my access token all access which is probably not relevant. I’ve checked and rechecked I’m passing “Bearer” token currently with OAuth2.0 selected. I’ve added scopes to my External application at “Appplication Scope”.

If someone can please help. I need to get Process key so I can move on to StartJobs.

Hi @Vintage

Hope this series of videos would be a help in your case

Nived N