Orchestrator API - External Application - Alerts fetched is always empty


I am trying to use the Orchestrator API configured for external application providing the required scopes. Everything is going well, all the requests are working, but when I try to get the alerts it is always coming empty, the strange behavior is that on swagger it is working fine and the alerts are fetched on swagger but on postman/studio the number of alerts on response is always empty.
URL of requests :: https://{orch url}/odata/Alerts

Request on swagger

Same request on postman

Mateus Oliveira

Hello @Mateus_Oliveira

https://{orch url}/odata/Alerts

I think here orch_url itself will be having the https://

can you try after removing that as {orch url}/odata/Alerts

Hi Rahul, it didn’t work. I think my request is fine, but the thing is that it is not returning any alert

Hi @Mateus_Oliveira ,

I think the type of Scope in External Application matters. Got the same error with Postman registered as Confidential - Application Scope. But works fine with Confidential - User Scope and NonConfidential - User Scope. May be you can try the same?

Confidential - Application Scope

Confidential - User Scope

Non-confidential - User Scope