Orchestrator 2018 API Guide

where can I find the Orchestrator 2018 API Guide ?
I was only able to find the 2016.2 UiPath Orchestrator API Guide 2016.2

It looks like the 2018 version has less documentation than the older versions…


On the top of the forum page you can click “Docs”, Select UiPath Orchestrator guide on the top then you can access it clicking the version number bellow.

This will redirect you to About OData and References
You might also wanna have a look on the Swagger which should be reflecting always the latest Orchestrator version (the one hosted by UiPath)





Thanks a lot!

I have another question related to documentation: I’ve seen that for some custom activities it is suggested to use visual studio and then export the packages through NuGet.

Is there any guide that explains how to setup a visual studio project to implement UiPath custom activities? I’ve read through activities.uipath.com but it is not so clear to me (probably because I am more a Java developer rather than a VB one).

Could you give me some directions ?

Thanks in advance


the article bellow should give you a hint on building that.
If you want to go more in depth in the topic, you will need to somewhat got to the windows Windows Workflow (UiPath underlying technology for design)

I’m afraid you will have to stick to .NET (either vb or c#)

Good luck