Oracle List aggregation returns wrong value

Hi Team,

Am using “Execute Query” activity to execute some Oracle query and store the output result in DataTable. In the Oracle Query for the certain column am using list aggregation (LISTAGG) for combing some rows with delimiter. The Oracle query is working fine when i directly tried in Oracle environment, it returns proper value (for the LISTAGG column it returned “row1||row2||row3” as ListResult column). But when i tried with UIPath activity the ListResult column only getting last value i.e “row3”. It’s not getting original output (“row1||row2||row3”).

Any solution for this?

Sunil Prabakar C

Finally found the root cause for the issue. Hyphen (“-”) present in the query caused the issue. Escape the hyphen and fixed the issue.

Sunil Prabakar C

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