OR Condition in if statement


Shall I use or/and condition in IF activity and Flow Decision activity in UI Path. Suppose while am filling up some web form am getting error in 4 fields, so am capturing or all the errors in different variables. So what ever error comes I need to do blah blah activity if there is no error bot will continue. I have doubt shall I use or activity in this. While am trying to use or activity in IF condition am getting error.

Please clarify it’s possible to do or how to achieve this one. Saved all errors in 4 different variables.

Thank you,


you can use like this in if activity

  1. or condition
    (condtion1) or (condition2)
  2. and condition
    (condtion1) and (condition2)


You can combine them as well

(Condition1 AND Condition2) OR Condition3 OR (Condition1 AND Condition4)


Thank you both… :slight_smile: