Options strict on disallows implicit conversions from string to double

Hi All,
I facing this error “options strict on disallows implicit conversions from string to double” while i’m trying to add the below in to Write Line activity.
"Temparature: "+ temperature + Environment.NewLine +
"Weather: "+ weather + Environment.NewLine
Here, temperature and weather are two variables.


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Use Tostring method to convert to String and it should be like this.



Your Temperature variable seems double type. I suppose perhaps you should have it string type or genericValue type, in case there is non-numeric character include whitespace in your taget. (And convert to double type after this process)


Hello sir,
I tried Tostring but when i am writing temp.Tostring and weather.Tostring then again error is coming…
Please help

Hi @Mehak ,

May I know what you are doing exactly here ?

I want to scrape the web data and store in the variables (temp, weather)…


Data scraping will give you output as DataTable. So you need to create one variable of type System.DataTable and pass it to Data scraping activity.

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