Options strict on disallows implicit conversions from string to double and the if doesn't work for me


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Unfortunate we dont know the value of the IPC variable

the issue is that a string is provided but a double is expected
Also the IF function expects an else case
when the value of IPC is a valid number in string then try following

IF(CDbl(IPC) > 0, CDbl(IPC)/100+1.3, PROVIDE-HERE-THE-ELSE-VALUE).toString

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Thanks for answering.
what is “CDbl”??
attached the value of the IPC. The value is taken from the web with a table extraction.

CDbl is a conversion method bringing a string (when value is valid) into a number:

last two lines showing some fails

Have a look on the IF Function:

Kindly note: a number format e.g from European countries we parse the strings like the following:

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