Option Strict On Disallows Late Binding - Error in UiPath


I am getting “Option Strict On Disallows Late Binding - Error” while trying to access Jason object JasonObject(“object name”) during API call.

How are you accessing your JSON Object? With little to go on sounds like Variable type or Your For Each may be causing issue.

depending on how have modelled, / the flow / deserialized the JSON string.
When deserialize JSON activity was involved then set the typeargument to JObject.

However feel free to share some more details with us

I just tried to read the Jason object after deserialization. Please find below screenshot

Please use JsonObject.selecttoken(“yourtoken”).tostring

Please show us the properties from this activity:

Check that the typeargument is set to JObject

Also show us the variable panel and setting of the variable: JasonObject
Check that the datatype is set to JObject

Thanks after changing type argument to JObject my problem got resolved

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