Opening notepad file? (Value for a required activity argument 'Selector' was not supplied)

Hi guys I’m just trying to open a notepad file using the ‘Open Application’ activity. I input the file name within quotes in the Input > FileName category.

I’m getting a ‘Value for a required activity argument ‘Selector’ was not supplied’ error. I don’t know what that means or what Uipath is needing for me to input there so it can open the file. Any info on how to resolve this would be appreciated, thank you.


Try Desktop Recording sequence to get the selector and check with your selector to find the difference.

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Hi @mani93, I currently have no selector. What sort of value is the program looking for me to put into that field?

Nevermind, was able to figure it out; didn’t realize you needed a file name as well as window capture to open a file.

Hi @css

Use start process to open a notepad file check the below image

Program is looking for extension file location of notepad. pass the location of the file along with extension. You may find the file extension and location of file in properties tab.

You are opening an existing file for New Notepad application?
For New Using Open Application

For existing Text File