Open HTML Files from folder

I have some HTML Files in folder. I need to open them all. I have made following workflow:

This is opening only first file. Not all the files. Please suggest the improvement.

@Anamika15 To open html file you needs to use open browser activity

What url should i give in open browser activity?

Hi Anamika15,

Instead of using Start Process inside for each, try using open browser and send “Item” to the url of the browser.


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@Anamika15 Follow below steps

1.Outside the for each use open browser and in uibrowser property create variable assume as v1
2.Inside the for each use attach browser and in browser property pass variable created in open browser v1
3.Use navigate to activity and pass url as item.ToString.

Hope it helps let me know for any other issue.

Tried this

Still getting blank chrome browser.

thanks. Its working now.
Changed browser to IE and it worked!!!

Thanks for the response.

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@Anamika15 Dont use open browser inside for each because if there are N number of html files inside folder than open browser will open N number of times.

yes it was opening N number of times. I used close window activity in the same loop in last. So finally all the opened browser is closed. I found it easier this way.

@Anamika15 For better solution use this

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