Open files one after another in loop from two Different folders

Hi All,
Basically i have two different folders lets say student dump and input dump so i want to open input dump file from that open one file copy some data then open student dump folder files and paste some data which copied from input i know directory.filepath for single folder files open.but what about we want to open files from diffrent folders.anyone have idea please share.

Hi @Sayali_Rokade1

If you want to get files from a directory you can use Array_string_var=directory.getfiles(“your folder path”)

else if you want to directories from a directory you can use Array_string_var=directory.getdirectories(“Your folder path”)


@Robinnavinraj_S so for multiple folders we used Array_string_var=directory.getdirectories(“Your folder path”) so in this scenario we need to take to different for each or for each inside for each that i did not understand exact steps

hi @Sayali_Rokade1

let us take a example for your case

as of my understanding your main folder has multiple folders so you want to loop the sub folders also right ??

In that case

Array_string_var=directory.getdirectories(“Your main folder path”)

use for each activity to iterate the Array_string_var

inside that for each

Array_string_var2=directory.getdirectories(“item.ToString”)// your for each iterative variable

and use another for each activity to iterate the subfolder (Array_string_var2)
inside the 2nd for each activity you can do what you want


@Robinnavinraj_S thanks for help will try this scenario in my flow


if you got your desired answer
kindly update us whether it resolved or not


tried but it is not going in body loop .will share you screenshot

what is the issue your are facing right now?