Open excel with dynamic name


I have an excel that has a dynamic name and I would like to open it using the Excel Application Scope. File name is in the format “ABC May 2021 Payroll.xlsx”
Expression is: “C:\Users\do\OneDrive\Current Projects\ABC\Payroll\ABC”+ MonthYear+“Payroll”
I have assigned MonthYear=DateTime.Now.ToString(“MMM yyyy”).

Would appreciate if you can tell me what is wrong.

Hi @dominique

Please try this

“C:\Users\do\OneDrive\Current Projects\ABC\Payroll\ABC ”+ MonthYear+“ Payroll.xlsx”

Hi Prasath,

The file that was saved after I ran the bot is blank, and for some strange reason, a new file with name ABC Payroll.xlsx was created. Any idea why this happened?

if you can share the workflow and which application you are using to download we can analyze it @dominique ,

from what i see i think the month year is not concatenated with the file name.


Open Excel.xaml (8.9 KB)
Hi, please see attached.