Open Correct File Each Month

I would like the program to go into the folder for the current month each month and select a sales journal. The folders are labeled like so: “05 - May” for May, “06 - Jun” for June, etc. How can I have UiPath do this?

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Hi @Adam.lawrence1123,

For 05-jul use below code

For 05 - jul use below code
DateTime.Now.ToString("dd - MMM")


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This is what I have so far:

but for some reason this is not working. After I create the variable, what part of the process should it be included in?

Also, regarding the excel application scope opening the file: is it correct that the file path in quotes should link to a general folder with the correct folders to find enclosed within it? Like with 05-May, 06 - Jun enclosed within it?

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This is what I was referring to in the second half of my most recent message: