Open and Print newest PDF to Onenote

When I get Staff Meeting slides in my email I am trying to speed up my process of opening the file (typically PDF) and then “printing” the pages into MS OneNote so I can take notes on them with my ipad.

My intended flow is to drag the file from email into a folder and then run the attended RPA. Steps:

  • Open the latest file in an established folder
  • Click the “trust” banner that opens in Adobe to ask if you want to make this a trusted file
  • Print file
    *In file print dialogue make sure it is set to landscape
  • Select OneNote as the printer
  • Print to specific (it never changes) Notebook and Tab

It is pretty repetitive, so, assumed this can be automated.


Hi @njphillips01 ,

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Yes, it is possible to automate the steps you’ve mentioned using RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Here’s an example of how you could automate these steps using an attended RPA:

  1. Create a new automation in your RPA tool and name it according to your preference.
  2. Add an activity to open the latest file in the designated folder. You can use the “Get Latest File” activity to achieve this.
  3. Once the file is open in Adobe, add an activity to click the “trust” banner if it appears on the screen. You can use the “Click Image” activity to click on the banner.
  4. Next, add an activity to print the file. You can use the “Print File” activity and set the print settings to landscape mode.
  5. Add an activity to select OneNote as the printer. You can use the “Select Printer” activity and select OneNote from the list of available printers.
  6. Add an activity to print the file to the specific Notebook and Tab. You can use the “Print File to OneNote” activity and specify the Notebook and Tab where you want the file to be printed.
  7. Finally, save the automation and run it whenever you need to perform these tasks.

Note that the exact steps and activities may vary depending on the RPA tool you are using, but the basic approach should be similar.

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Cheers @njphillips01