One PDF from several Excel worksheets

Hi all,

I need to select several Excel worksheets from an Excel file and generate one PDF file containing the selected sheets. How do I build this automation?

I’m new to UiPath and use StudioX currently.


if you need to select several pages:

if you need to select all pages to copy use a “for each sheet” and place the insert and copy activities inside it

Worked out, thank you!

However, there’s a new issue: the displayed content of each of the relevant sheets is to big to fit to a certain printable page (e.g. DIN A4 format). In the original document the sheets are already adjusted to meet this requirement. How can I adjust the copied pages also to fit to a certain printable format?

unfortunately only way to address that at this point is to use activities from under App/Web category (click for example) to set the print area in the new document. You raised a problem and at this point we will investigate the possibility to set that in a easier way.

Ok, thanks for the suggested solution. I followed a different approach and made the settings (scale of page) already in the Excel template in which I copy the sheets. Worked out.