On-Premise Auth Configuration

Guys, where can i find the page below? I need to configure on-premise auth

HI @KevinGuedes
check this thread


I read this thread but didn’t find where is this page. What i need is to open that page in the picture. I would appreciate a step-by-step tutorial on how to get there. Something like this:
1 - Go to this URL
2- Click here
3- Click there
4- There you go, here is the Connection Settings page

Hi @KevinGuedes

Here you go



If you are using on prem orchestrator you don’t need any page to tell us these details.

We can pass the simple rest call with the url mentioned in your screenshot by passing the json body modified with your parameters.

Tenancy name: this should be your default tenant which you are trying to access your orchestrator. The tenant name you should input.

Username: your username using to opening orchestrator.

Password: your password

Frame the json body with the above details.

Use http activity in your studio to make this rest call.

Once you success with the connection it will return 200 ok message.

After that we can use subsequent rest calls to get your bearer token which is useful on getting the process details and execution of job etc. Thanks.

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