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I’m looking for a OData list of notations regarding UiPath.


Robot/Name eq ‘xyz’ → Name of the robot in Orchestrator = ‘xyz’
Robot/Id eq ‘123’ → Id of the robot in Orchestrator = ‘123’

but is there anywhere a list for all notations? If not, can you provide all you know?

Thanks a lot!

we can prototype with swagger:


And refer to the OData Docu

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Depending on your skillset also some cheatsheets are available e.g.

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First of all, thank you all for you help! :slight_smile: But for example - if I want to filter using OData notation for all Jobs with a specific process


What’s the “…”?



For any query it is like you need to see the response and find the key which you need to filter and use that key in the filter expression

For get jobs this is the sample output which you can find using the above swagger provided by @ppr already… now you need to filter on process name which is release name here

So ReleaseName eq 'YourProcessName'

Hoep this helps


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odata/Jobs?&$filter=StartTime gt 2023-08-16 and ReleaseName eq '*process name*'
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Thanks everyone big time! <3

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